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The latest Consumer Price Index report can be found at this link: is a website built for the U.S. consumer to help in understanding the personal impacts of inflation. The data on this site is updated on a monthly basis. You can explore inflation data captured by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and see individual inflation rates for all the components of the CPI, see the monthly updated inflation rankings, calculate your own personal inflation rate, and more!

Until now, there has been little way for consumers to effectively make use of the vast amount of data the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports across many tables and databases. We are striving to change that at and to empower the U.S. consumer with this invaluable information. We hope you personally find the information on useful.

If you are logged in, you may select an Inflation Index and calculate an inflation rate on If you are not logged in, you will be taken to the standard index calculator where you'll enter your spending profile using the eight primary categories of the Consumer Price Index along with your location. The result will be a better approximation of your own personal inflation rate. Knowing your personal inflation rate is critical to proper financial planning for retirement or future spending.
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is made up of many sub-categories and individual items. provides details of every sub-category and item of the CPI, it's inflation rate history, and what percentage of the CPI for which it accounts. You can even see average prices paid by consumers for some items.
View historical data for the Consumer Price Index from its inception in 1913 through last year. Data is viewable in a graphical format or raw table data.
Inflation rankings are calculated each month to show you the top 10 most and least inflationary products over the last month and last 12 months. The monthly changes in inflation rates are not seasonalized on These rates are based on the prices you actually paid between the last month and this month.
Not satisfied with the Consumer Price Index? Do you believe it does not properly or accurately track inflation? Now, you can create your own Inflation Index on You can choose any category or item that the Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks prices. Be creative! We have created a few indices as examples that you can also use. You must be logged in to access this feature.
The Inflation Blog is a place where you can find interesting commentary from about the topic of inflation. You'll find research articles about inflation, commentary related to the CPI, links to news articles, analysis of a particular inflationary or deflationary item, or anything that catches our attention.

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Source: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (data updated through October 2013)
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